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November 23rd, 2009 · No Comments · Home, Maiden In-The-Know

Just signed up myself to make an album for Christmas presents. It looks easy and fun to do and I thought I would share it! SLY

The Karaoke Channel - Sq Pop-up

Share any thoughts you might have and I will follow up when the album is completed. Happy Creativity!!!

Thought to make it easier for you by telling you a bit of how the site works:

Click on the Image to go to the site. You can sign in and choose a Membership. These songs here can only be recorded and shared on the Web!

If you want to download songs to record and put on your own CD go to click Help above and that will take you to the Help Center, click the Help Center button and then at the Welcome Menu Click “The KARAOKE Channel Download Store”. That will direct you to tunes you can purchase and download. Until November 30, add this code for any purchases: Consumer Offer Code: KARAOKE6FREE (When consumer buys any 6 songs, they can choose a further 6 songs free!). You will need to sign in with another account.

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Feature November 2009

November 20th, 2009 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

Facing the Darkness and Finding the Light

Fears, what are they? We all have them. Where do they come from? Why do we have them? What is their purpose? How come some of us have them more than others? These are all questions that bring to our attention our own vulnerabilities. When we look at our fears and face the darkness and immerse ourselves in the darkness, we humble ourselves and honor the unknown. In doing so, no matter how emotionally frightening resting in the unknown is, we show to ourselves that it is our “beingness” , without the need for action, that supports us in our darkest hour. So crucial to our “beingness”, this center that we can call home, the beginning of our truth, is our self-esteem.

Self-esteem, the fundamental source of our being, gauges our sense of self-worth (not to be confused with confidence which has more to do with how we socially express our ability in meeting challenges). Our self-esteem is paramount in helping us address our fears. Not only does a fortified sense of self provide the strength to face life’s challenges by tapping into the source to do so, it also gives us the ability to maintain our integrity when faced with choice. Knowing who you are and having a sense of worth is fundamental to honoring your truth as the gift of your life. Self-esteem and self-love can be learned. No matter where you begin and however much darkness you are in, you can find the light. That light is your own sense of worth, self-esteem and structure of your life. It is your purpose on Earth and when infused with emotion brightens the world.

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Feature October 2009

November 17th, 2009 · No Comments · Featured Musings, Home

The Nature of a Woman’s Body

I was sitting in the doctor’s office the other day waiting for a mammogram and while I was there I began to reflect on the nature of our physical lives as women. A couple of thoughts crossed my mind, the first having to do with the innocence of our bodies. I remember my ex-husband saying to me after our recent divorce that had I not married him, I would have been a nun. I was not sure what that meant as we had an abundantly sexual relationship and I did not give it much thought until today. Now, I sense that we had a different understanding of physical life and its innocence. I then looked across from me and two women sat next to each, one with a very young infant. When we began talking, I found out the women were mother and daughter and the infant was only seven weeks old. I imagined the miracle of life that the infant represented. She was quite amazing with a variety of expressions. The mother told me she also had a two and a half year old at home and she was just beginning to say “No”. Wow, I thought, the miracle of life is phenomenal and not only is the miracle of life phenomenal, so too is the learning process of how we become to know who we are.

The woman’s body is the conduit to spirit and gives birth to spirit. The respect shown for a woman’s body and the spirit that it hers is to respect life. The choices she makes about her life is the foundation of all of life. The need for mammograms, choosing whether or not to have a child, how to express our sexuality, the care of our physical appearance, the kinds of relationships we create are all representative of our physical existence as women. As women, we are the nurturers of life and so the decision becomes for ourselves: “Who, what, where, when and why do we want to nurture”? Nurturing emotionally, spiritually, as well as physically is the energy that we give to foster the growth and support of others. This energy that we give can be appreciated or devalued, either by ourselves or others. A list of questions for you highlights…

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